Our Members


With the exception of illness, injury, or occasional special events, we expect our players to be present for all games and training sessions. This involves arriving punctually for training, and for games at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start time.

If there is a situation where they cannot participate or attend training, we require them to inform their Team Manager beforehand.

Code of Conduct:

Our club places great value on maintaining good conduct. It’s essential to remember that each player represents our club, and their behaviour reflects upon it.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Respecting and abiding by the decisions made by the referees throughout the game.
  • Players and their coach should display good sportsmanship by shaking hands with the opposition after each match.
  • Giving your full attention to the coach and showing respect towards them

Families of our players

We greatly appreciate the support and involvement of parents, guardians, and carers in our young players’ development by volunteering for the club. 


All families are assigned scoring duties throughout the season, which we consider to be the minimum level of involvement we expect. 


Our club relies on the generous contributions of numerous volunteers to operate effectively. There are a wide range of roles available, including committee membership, coaching, team management, and event assistance. If you have an interest in a specific role or have valuable skills to offer, we encourage you to get in touch with a member of our committee.

Scoring Duty

Each family is scheduled for scoring duty approximately two to three times per season, with the possibility of an additional assignment if your team reaches the finals.


We also expect families of players to uphold appropriate standards of conduct, including:

  • Respecting and abiding by the decisions made by the referees throughout the game.
  • Providing support to our coaches, who play a vital role in guiding the players.
  • Refraining from giving instructions to players during the game, as this responsibility lies with the coach.

Team Managers

Each of our teams requires a Team Manager and at least one Coach. The role of a Team Manager is to take the administrative burden from the coach, enabling them to focus on the game and the players. Volunteering as a Team Manager is an excellent opportunity for those with limited knowledge of basketball to get involved with the club.

The responsibilities of a Team Manager include:

  • Facilitating communication among various parties, such as the Club committee, players, coach, and parents.
  • Ensuring all players are well-informed about training and game schedules and regularly checking their email for any updates.
  • Coordinating a scoring roster to distribute the scoring duties evenly among different individuals each week.
  • Requesting players and their families to inform the team manager in advance about any planned absences or injuries.
  • Making sure that the coach’s name and the players’ names and numbers are registered on the PlayHQ scoring system prior to each match.

It is crucial to make every possible effort to have a team available for each game. If you encounter difficulties, you can reach out to the Club for assistance in arranging suitable fill-in players.


Our club wouldn’t be here without our amazing coaches who generously give their time and energy. Each team is fortunate to have a committed coach who volunteers on a weekly basis for training, game days, and additional time devoted to player development and strategic planning.

During the player registration process, we invite expressions of interest for coaching roles. Our Registration Officer carefully evaluates team allocation, prior experience, and availability to ensure the selection of suitable coaches.

Becoming a coach can be an immensely rewarding experience for adult participants in our club. We encourage anyone with a basic understanding of basketball skills and strategy, coupled with a willingness to learn, to consider joining our coaching team. Your contribution will make a significant impact on our players’ growth and development.

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