For Coaches


For Scorers

Every week, the team manager designates a parent for scoring duties. It is expected that all parents participate in scoring.

If you’re new to basketball and find scoring daunting, don’t hesitate to ask for help from your team manager or other parents.

For first-time scorers, we recommend reviewing the information provided on this page.

Scoring is completed electronically in PlayHQ and also on the stadium scoreboard.

Please note – The stadium scoreboard is not used for Under 8 competition.


Work as a team with the scorer from the opposing team:

  • work with the other scorer to determine who will score on PlayHQ and who score on the stadium scoreboard and the alternating possession arrow
  • check regularly with the other scorer during the game to ensure PlayHQ and the clock match
  • if you have a concern or disagree with the other scorer consult the referees


Please review this video on how to complete electronic scoring on PlayHQ

Please review the Junior Domestic Timing Rules


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