Zero Tolerance Policy


To ensure a safe and enjoyable playing environment for all participants, St Martin of Tours Basketball Club have in place a Zero Tolerance Policy to address in appropriate and unsportsmanlike behaviour from players, coaches, team managers, parents and spectators.


All patrons entering our basketball venues are not only representing their team and club but also the basketball community. There will be zero tolerance towards any inappropriate or abusive behaviour and St Martin of Tours Basketball Club reserves the right to ask any player, coach, team manager, parent or spectator to immediately leave the venue who feels the necessity to:


  • Persistently or wilfully question or challenge the rulings of the referees
  • Berate or abuse game officials ie referees and score table personnel
  • Berate or abusive team officials
  • Berate or abuse players
  • Berate or abuse other parents or spectators
  • Berate or abuse any game day official
  • Display conduct which is inappropriate in a sporting environment
  • Display conduct which is inappropriate in a club event
  • Wilfully choose to damager/remove St Martin of Tours Basketball Club or people’s property


Failure to leave when requested will result in the St Martin of Tours Basketball Club representative or Official taking appropriate action to safeguard the safety of players, spectators and parents. No warnings need be given in the event of the above action becoming necessary.


A parent/spectator who has been requested to leave an event may be suspended directly or required to attend a Tribunal hearing. It should be noted that any repeated inappropriate behaviour by a parent may have an impact on the playing future of their child.


Any appeals against disqualification under this policy should immediately be directed in writing to the St Martin of Tours Basketball Club -Attention: Club President.


The adoption of this Zero Tolerance policy has become necessary due to an issue reported of inappropriate and abusive behaviour at competitions conducted by or on behalf of the DVBA and our desire to nurture a safe competitive environment for all athletes, officials and spectators.


The St Martins of Tours Basketball Club asks any person who feels that they cannot refrain from the above unacceptable behaviour not to attend.


Parents/spectators/organisations who would like to offer feedback or request clarification on officiating issues should direct their feedback through their coach/club.


This policy is not aimed at stifling or diminishing healthy supportive cheering or the ability of all spectators and parents to enjoy the spectacle of junior sport


Please note that any action taken under this new policy is entirely separate to any action that may be necessitated by law under the VIC Child Protection Legislation