Registration Policy




The process and procedures, that will be followed by the committee and club members, for the collection of registration fees and the conditions for refund of registration of fees

This policy apples to the membership of the St Martin of Tours Basketball Club


In registering to play with St Martin of Tours Basketball Club for any given season, players are indicating a commitment to the Club and the Team they have formed part of.

Parents/ Guardians are asked to ensure that their children are committed to playing for the upcoming season before completing their registration. Registration fees will only be refunded under conditions outlined below.



  1. Age Limits Being U08, U10,U12,U14,U16 and U20 Children

The Criteria for eligibility within each age group are :

SPRING SEASON (second half of the year)- A player must be under the age stated in the relative age group by the 31st December of the year of the competition

AUTUMN SEASON (first half of the year) – A player must be under the age stated in the relative age group by the 30TH June of the year of competition

  1. DVBA                   Diamond Valley Basketball Association the basketball association of which St Martin Of Tours Basketball Club is a member
  2. Family Discount - Discount applied for families registering more than one child in the same transaction
  3. Late Payment Fee- fee payable by existing players registering after the registration close date. Please note late registration are only accepted in exceptional circumstances and at the Presidents Discretion
  4. Refund- Reimbursement of registration fees paid, in accordance with the conditions of the refund
  5. Registration- Is the process of enrolling and paying the registration fees, electronically for a child to become a player of the St Martin of Tours Basketball Team for any given season. The electronic registration process is managed online through our website.
  6. Registration Fees- Are the amount, set by the St Martin of tours Basketball Club, that parents/guardians are required to pay at the time of electronic registration to ensure that players are financially and eligible to play. The registration fees paid are used by the club to pay game day court costs to the DVBA and training venue hire costs.
  7. Club Policies - By registering and paying for your child/ren, you will be agreeing to abide by the club policies outlined on the website. Please ensure you read and understand these policies before paying and registering.




  • Parents are responsible for following the electronic registration process
  • Paying fees for each season, in fill, at the time of electronic registration
  • Ensuring that you are aware of the conditions under which a refund or registration fees will be granted
  • Ensuring that their child/ren wish to play in the upcoming season before registering them and paying fees



First Player          $245

Second Player   $195

Third Player       $180

Forth + Players  Free

Payments received after Season Commencement will incur $25.00 late Fee per player  


Parents/Guardians wishing to seek special payment arrangements will need to have discussions with the club President prior to season commencement



Parents/Guardians must advise the Register in writing if their child is to be withdrawn. The registrations CoOrdinator with advice the Treasure and refunds will be issued under the following conditions: -

  • If a player who has played zero and three games of a season withdraw their membership because they have changed their mind about playing, half of the membership fee per player will be refunded.
  • If a player sustains a season ending injury prior to season commencement, parent or guardian will need to contact the register, if a medical certificate is provided a full refund of registration fees will be made
  • If a player is sick or injured after the commencement of the season and is unable to play for five consecutive games, parents or guardians can apply for a partial refund of registration fees. A medical certificate must be provided for a partial refund to be considered