The Panthers


Welcome to the St Martin Panthers

The St Martin Panthers Basketball Club was established to build a committee for our children and all parents involved. We pride ourselves on educating and development the kids to enjoy and get the best of themselves. The most aspect of the club is working together to ensure the kids continue to grow in all areas of life including playing in team environment, leadership, respect of both their teams and opposition. Our most important aspect of the club is TEAM. We believe TEAM standards for - TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVE MORE.  There the club relies  on the support of the voluntary commitment of the parents of families of children participating 

Male and Female teams across the club range from juniors to seniors at all age and skill levels. We encourage families to get involved where they can to ensure the club brings the best out of the people involved.

Interest in starting up a  team or wishing to join an exisiting team should be directed to the Club via







The Club was formed circa 1980’s and still has many original members.

The Club caters for junior boys and girls teams ranging from the Under 8’s to Under 18’s.


The Committee and members welcome you to our Club, we hope that you will enjoy playing basketball with this Club, make many new friends and participate in all social activities.






The Club is run by parents elected to a Committee for the benefit of all players. It is the Club’s aim to improve the personal skills of each player, endeavour to promote the sport in our local area and to ensure all has an enjoyable time.


The Club is a member club affiliated with the Diamond Valley Basketball Association Inc., located at the Civic Centre, Greensborough and competes against other clubs in the Association.




The Committee of Management shall be responsible for:-


  • The overall running of the Club, in accordance with the Constitution of the St. Martin of Tours Basketball Club Inc. and By-Law of the D.V.B.A. Inc. The Club abides by the Codes of Conduct outlined by Basketball Victoria;


  • Lodgement of appropriate annual statements with the Department of Justice for the associations incorporation Reform Act 2012









The official uniform of the Club consists of:


  • Grey singlet with red trim. (available from Club)


  • Club shorts. (available from Club)





Pay your fees on time or you may find that you will be left out of the team. The date and method of payment will be notified by the Committee. Families experiencing difficulty may contact the Committee to arrange a suitable payment plan. Players seeking a clearance will not be granted a clearance if all payments due to St. Martin of Tours Basketball Club Inc. are not paid in full.





All players are required to attend a regular training session as set by the Club. Players are required to contact the coach or team manager when unavailable for training or the game.





On acceptance into the Club, players are required to complete the Club Registration Form. Once you register with our Club you also become registered with the Diamond Valley Basketball Association Inc. and cannot play with any other club in the Diamond Valley Association without a clearance.




DISCIPLINE – refer to Code of Conduct – Basketball Victoria





Coaches are selected from parents, players and interested persons, with reasonable knowledge of the game, but this is not mandatory. Coaches are encouraged to improve their knowledge of the game. The Club will assist wherever possible. Coaches are not responsible for players prior to the commencement time of the game or training.


  • All Coaches will have a working with children check.


  • At all times the interest of the Club must be put forward first before any team or individual;


  • Coaches are to treat all players equally, regardless of ability. However during final times it must be left to the coaches’ discretion to field and sub the best combination possible.


  • Both coaches and players are not to argue with the referee, and remain calm and courteous at all times. If you have any doubts about the referee’s abilities then there is a set procedure, which must be followed.



  • It is extremely important that coaches attend the coaches meeting to keep up with any changes in rules and matters that may affect your team. This also maintains the correct and proper lines of communications. The team manager may attend on your behalf.


As a coach it is your responsibility to ensure that you:


  • Set a good example for your players;


  • Encourage and create opportunities to develop individual skills;


  • Teach a wide range of team skills;


  • Remove from the field of play any player whose behaviour is not acceptable and make each player aware of his/her responsibilities;


  • Keep your own knowledge of coaching an developments of the game up to date;


  • Learn the rules relation to your level of competition; (reference DVBA By Laws and Code of Conduct – Basketball Victoria)


  • Make a personal commitment to keep yourself informed of sound coaching principles and the principles of growth and development of children;


  • If you are unable to attend games, training or coaches meeting make arrangement with your team manager or another person to replace you. You must also notify the training venue coordinator of any cancellation in training;


  • Be on time for training and games;


  • Assist the team manager in his/her duties;


  • Make sure that your venue is locked and secure if you are the last to use it;


  • Ensure ALL players are fit and healthy prior to the start of both games and training (players are not to play or train if they are injured or ill);


  • Most of all DO NOT turn up to the game or training under the influence of alcohol.


  • To encourage good sportsmanship. (it is expected that all players and coaches will shake hand with the opposition after the game);


  • Coaches are not to bring new players into the team without first checking with Committee and Secretary;





  • All scorer/bench officials must be totally impartial on the bench (i.e. no barracking or comments to ref’s, coaches or players);


  • if you wish, you may take on the job of scoring each week for your team or you may arrange a roster for other parents to take turns;


  • if you or any other of the parents do not know how to score, please contact the Committee for someone to show you;


  • if the team makes finals you are not required to score;


  • you will be required to attend coaches and team managers meeting at the beginning of each season i.e. January/June;


  • as team manager you are the reference point for any player in the team, and as such should bring to the attention of the Committee any problem that may arise;


  • you may be required to assist with the distribution of newsletters and or social or fundraising efforts.

PLAYERS – see Code of Conduct – Basketball Victoria


PARENT’S & SPECTATOR’S – See Code Of Conduct – Basketball Victoria




If you believe that you or your team are being treated unfairly by the Referee/s then these procedure are to be followed:


  • Your should report your grievance back to the Club Committee as soon as the game has finished;


  • The Club Committee will then put your complaints in writing to the next level that will attend to it.